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Student Exchange Testimonials


What students say about exchange

By reading testimonials of CUHK Students about their exchange experiences, you can have a glimpse of the life studying and living in other cities and learn that student exchange is not only about study but also filled with plenty of unique learning experiences.


Unique Learning Experiences


University of Toronto, Canada

Travelling around such a big and picturesque country and meeting a lot of people from different backgrounds was a big privilege. Thanks to the exchange!”


CAI Liying

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

“I will never forget the hometown food tasting activity held by the Cantonese Association. Students from different cities prepare unique cuisines. Walk to each stall in turn, listen to different hometown stories and the origin of food, taste the “characteristics” of different cities, and exchange similarities and differences of different cultures.”


LIN Tsz Yan

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA

“I joined some volunteer work in YWCA, assisting a cooking class for locals. I prepared ingredients and helped the participants if they encountered difficulties. I also worked in the campus cafeteria kitchen as a part of laboratory work for my nutrition class.”


HUNG Cheung Huen

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

“This exchange offered me the opportunity to study in a different culture and atmosphere. Philosophy courses in UNC have shorter lectures but more lessons. Instead of having large lectures, philosophy courses are usually conducted as seminar sessions. I particularly enjoyed this kind of learning environment, as it trains me to respond and engage in the content vigorously.”

YANG Ning Kwan

Gakushuin University, Japan

“We had the opportunity to have a day tour in Kawagoe and join the glass-blowing workshop. We experienced this traditional Japanese artwork and made our own glass cups. Also, we had the candy-making workshop and watched the traditional Japanese drama, Kabuki. All of these experiences are memorable.”


LAI Sze Wai

University of Oulu, Finland

“I was able to watch how the formula student club to build race care for the international design competition in Austria.”


PUN Tsz Kiu

National University of Singapore, Singapore

“I had the thought of doing an internship in Singapore starting from the middle of the sem. Then I found a “Work Holiday Pass” that allows foreigner like me to work. Only 2,000 foreigners can hold the Pass at the same time, yet, I am able to obtain it and worked at Liu & Wo Architects.”


FU Hei Tung

Karlstad University, Sweden

“The easiest way to enlarge the social circle was to chat with people in the common kitchen. There are also some dinner parties where everyone will prepare some food and I think it is a great place to meet new people and also for cultural exchange.”


LAM Lok Yee

University of Oslo, Norway

“One of the challenges is that I don’t understand Norwegian. When there was a discussion going on in a group, they used Norwegian. Therefore, I took the initiative to ask what they were saying and explained that I could not understand Norwegian so that they would switch back to English and I can be involved.”

SOO Hui Ying

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

“There are lots of international conferences and meetings held in Europe. I am sincerely grateful that I have a chance to attend an UNFCCC meeting of Article 6.4 in Bonn, Germany. This meeting broadens my horizon and motivates me to learn more about environmental policy.”


CHAN Cassedi

University College London, UK

“During this exchange, I have joined two sports teams – cricket and tennis to challenge myself. These were completely new to me and I was glad that they offered R&D and beginner sessions. Teammates were super encouraging and I’m grateful to have this exchange opportunity to meet them.”



The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA

“During this exchange semester, I joined the School’s Saxophone Quartet, Jazz Ensemble, and Symphonic Band. Although I am the youngest in the saxophone quartet, I did not feel like I was treated any differently. When it comes to making compromises and agreements during rehearsals, I appreciate the culture in that everyone’s idea is accepted equally.”

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SUM Ka Nam

Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea

“We talked a lot about different countries’ cultures, I was extremely happy to meet people from more than 20 countries and learn about their homes. I also got the opportunity to promote Hong Kong culture, both during class and with my international friends. I shared a lot about Hong Kong’s lifestyle, music and food, my friends were very interested in them.”


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