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Term Time Exchange

Let’s hear what the GLOBE students have to say!

Something new every single day in Hong Kong

Credit: Nikolai August Marcell Solliv, Copenhagen Business School


Arriving in Hong Kong and having to first undergo 3 weeks of quarantining was definitely not how I had dreamt of my exchange semester in Hong Kong starting. However, I got the most out of it by having fun and at the same time reflecting on my life and my mission to drive a positive social impact on the world and that way feeling productive. Since coming out of quarantine, I have done a trip to somewhere new in Hong Kong every single day and I have interacted with both local and international students during class and on campus. I have learned things such as how to eat properly with chopsticks as well as how working mentalities differ around the world. These experiences make being on exchange exceptional even during a pandemic! My exchange until now has also been strongly focused on getting to know Hong Kong in all its parts and the pandemic has meant that I have prioritized outdoor experiences to avoid too much social contact – that has been a great choice as Hong Kong is much more than an international finance hub and has some of the most beautiful sceneries that I have ever seen. I look forward to discovering other parts of Hong Kong in the upcoming months!