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Term Time Exchange

Let’s hear what the GLOBE students have to say!

Hong Kong had so much to offer despite the pandemic.

Credit: Philip Dias Santilhano, Copenhagen Business School


As I arrived in Hong Kong 5 months ago, I felt very lucky to have been given the opportunity to go on exchange despite the global pandemic. 21 days of quarantine later, it was time to explore Hong Kong and to begin my studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. My calendar quickly became full as I embarked on everything from incredible hikes, relaxing boat trips, delicious restaurant visits, and exciting camping trips (and of course productive study sessions). Obviously, gathering restrictions and online teaching has affected the overall experience, but nevertheless, I have been astounded by how much Hong Kong has to offer, even during a pandemic. Furthermore, CUHK has provided terrific facilities and a beautiful campus, which has only added to the great experience of living in Hong Kong. Thus, as I reflect on the past 5 months, it has truly been a fantastic time. Going forward, I will continue to treasure my Hong Kong memories, and I urge future CUHK exchange students to make the most of their time here by exploring the many wonders of Hong Kong – I am sure you will enjoy it!


Suicide Cliff is a must-do hike in Hong Kong. Beautiful views and an exciting trail to the peak.


Seeking out water sports such as wakesurfing is a nice way of cooling down when the city gets too hot.


Going for a stroll while taking in the Hong Kong skyline is always a great experience.