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Term Time Exchange

Let’s hear what the GLOBE students have to say!

Feeling welcomed by the exceedingly kind people of Hong Kong

Credit: Joshua Ian Mc Corquodale, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


My semester abroad in Hong Kong was made so special by two factors: the people and the place. I found Hong Kongers to be exceedingly kind and welcoming, especially in cases where there existed a language barrier thanks to my lack of Cantonese. One of the more memorable acts of kindness was when one of my American peers and I randomly met a local culinary student at City Super (supermarket in Hong Kong), who proceeded to take us on a tour of sharp peak and cooked some excellent Char Siu (Cantonese style roast pork) for us in his home. Hong Kong itself was a striking blend of dense urban areas and beautiful hiking trails, beaches, and parks. Hong Kong’s diverse offerings as a world city left me with a new experience each and every day, and with proper COVID-19 consideration I found the semester to be everything I wanted and more from studying abroad.


Beautiful view of Kowloon and Central from “Suicide Cliff”


Homemade Char Siu courtesy of my new friend, Keith


Enjoying local food in a Chinese restaurant.


Nature is very accessible in Hong Kong.