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CUHK-University of Manchester Research Fund

(For CUHK and UoM faculty)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and The University of Manchester (UoM) share a common vision to expand the frontiers of knowledge and contribute to the betterment of societies. To capitalise on the research strengths of both universities and to create greater impact, a Seed-corn Fund scheme and a Strategic Research Fund scheme were established to build and strengthen research collaboration between the two universities.

a) Seed-corn Fund for Early Career Researchers

The Seed-corn Fund has been tailored to seed new partnerships between the two universities by providing initial support for high-quality research collaborations that include Early Career Researchers as active members. The aim of the fund is to lead to long-term collaborative research projects that can access external funding sources for the next phase of their research. The fund is open for proposals across all research areas. It will support up to three projects in 2021 with a maximum award of £10,000 per project.

For more information on the Seed-corn Fund, please visit here.

b) Strategic Research Fund

The Strategic Research Fund aims to support projects resulted from efforts supported by the Seed-corn Fund or other existing collaborations as well as research projects that are related to the strategic research areas of CUHK and UoM. It seeks to support research projects that address novel research questions and generate preliminary data that will lay the ground for future large-scale external research bids. Projects must align with one of the following areas of mutual research strengths of CUHK and UoM: China StudiesTranslational Biomedicine, and Environment and Sustainability. The Strategic Research Fund supported three projects in 2019 with a maximum award of £45,000 per project.

For more information on the Strategic Research Fund, please visit here.



Any queries should be directed to:

CUHK Coordinator: Olivia Kwok, Office of Academic Links

e: oliviakwok@cuhk.edu.hk, t: +852 3943 1315

UoM Coordinator: Joanne Jacobs, Senior International Officer

e: joanne.jacobs@manchester.ac.uk, t: +44 (0)161 306 1716


Awarded Projects

CUHK Faculty UoM Faculty Area; Title of Research
2021 Seed-corn Fund for Early Career Researchers
Prof. Laura Falkenberg, School of Life Sciences Prof. Holly Shiels, School of Medical Sciences Environment & Sustainability;

Characterising Micro & Nanoplastics in Hong Kong’s Oysters

Prof. Elmer Ker, School of Biomedical Sciences & Institute for Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine (iTERM) Prof. Sarah Cartmell, School of Natural Sciences Innovative Biomedicine;

Studying the Mechanical Conditioning of Tendon-like Biomaterials

Prof. Jyh-An Lee, Faculty of Law Dr. Joseph Lee, School of Social Sciences Technology;

Digital Platform Governance: Security, Scalability & Sustainability

2020 Strategic Research Fund
Prof. Ting Fung Philos Chan, School of Life Sciences Prof. Patrick Cai, Dept. of Chemistry Environment & Sustainability;

Rhizobium Genome Refactoring for Climate-Smart Agriculture

Prof. Mee Kam Ng, Dept. of Geography & Resource Management Prof. Cecilia Wong, School of Environment, Education & Development Environment & Sustainability;

Smart & Sustainable Planning: Towards an Integrated Spatial Approach

Prof. Shu Hang Patrick Yung, Dept. of Orthopaedics & Traumatology Dr. Leela Biant, Division of Cell Matrix Biology & Regenerative Medicine Translational Biomedicine;

Defining the Cellular Content of Human Hoffa Fat Pad in Health & Disease

2019 Seed-corn Fund
Prof. Zhenguang Garry Cai, Dept. of Linguistics & Modern Languages Dr. Bo Yao, Division of Neuroscience & Experimental Psychology Neuroscience;

The Embodiment of Language Syntax in the Brain

Prof. Man Nin Chan, Earth System Science Programme Prof. Martin Gallagher, School of Earth & Environmental Sciences Environment & Public Health;

Quantifying our Ability to Detect Airborne Pollens in Hong Kong

Prof. Jiang Xia, Dept. of Chemistry Prof. Jian Ren Lu, School of Physics & Astronomy Cancer;

Cell-specific Delivery of Designed Amphiphilic Peptides for Anticancer Treatment

2017 – 18
Prof. Liming Bian, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering Dr. Jiashen Li, School of Materials Advanced Materials; Cancer;

Hierarchical Metal Bisphosphonate Nanoparticles Delivery System for Bone Cancer

Prof. Ting Fung Chan, School of Life Sciences Prof. Patrick Cai, Manchester Institute of Biotechnology Energy & Climate Change;

Collaborative Effort to Engineer Synthetic Yeast Genome for Producing Biobutanol

Prof. Li Zhang, Dept. of Mechanical & Automation Engineering Prof. Kostas Kostarelos, Faculty of Medical & Human Sciences Advanced Materials; Cancer; Micro- & Nanorobotics;

Magnetic Swarming Microrobots for Image Guided Therapy

2016 – 17
Prof. Tsz Shun Eric Chung, Department of Mathematics Dr. Masoud Babaei, School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science Energy & Climate Change;

Multiscale Modelling of Geothermal Energy Recovery from Fractured Porous Systems

Prof. Yuk Fo Derrick Lai, Department of Geography and Resource Management Dr. Gareth Clay, School of Environment, Education and Development Energy & Climate Change;

Characterising ‘Blue Carbon’ Dynamics in Subtropical Mangroves

Prof. Wai Sang Poon, Department of Surgery Dr. Zsolt Zador, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health Neuroscience;

Improving Outcome Predictions in Neurosurgery Using Unstructured Admission CT Data

2015 – 16
Prof. Yuk Lun Alexander Lau, Hong Kong Institute of Integrative Medicine; Dept. of Medicine and Therapeutics Dr. Goran Nenadic, School of Computer Science Neuroscience;

Text Mining for Integrative Medicine Research in Neurological Disorders

Prof. Mee Kam Ng, Dept. of Geography and Resource Management Prof. Cecilia Wong, School of Environment, Education and Development Future Cities;

Planning for Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood Change

Prof. Hongfeng Yang, Earth System Science Programme Prof. Giulio Di Toro, School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences Energy & Climate Change;

Seismicity Induced by Underground Injection and Extraction of Natural Gas


Last updated on December 2021