CUHK 4th Annual (2014) Study Abroad Writing Contest Winners

First place
• CHAN Yee Hong Henry is a 4th year student majoring in English. In the fall semester of 2013-14, he went to California State University, San Marcos for a semester-long academic exchange with the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP).

Second place
• Rohan Shetty is an exchange student from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. in the United States. Originally from Dallas, Texas, he is studying finance and accounting with a minor in English literature. For the fall semester of 2014-15, he participated in an international exchange program at CUHK.

Third place
• WU Wing Sammuel is a 3rd year student majoring in English Studies and English Language Education at CUHK. In 2014-15, he participated in a semester-long academic exchange program at the University College Dublin in Ireland.

Honourable mention
• TAM Hin Yan Edison is a 3rd year student majoring in Integrated Business Administration (Marketing and Management of International Business), and minoring in Spanish and French at CUHK. He is currently participating in a year-long exchange program at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain with the United College GOAL Program (2014-2015).

• Emily Cheung is a 4th year English major addicted to backpacking and reading. In 2013-14, she went to Utrecht, the Netherlands to take part in a year-long international exchange program.