CUHK eNews April 2021

Chinese Art and Culture at Your Fingertips

The Art Museum of CUHK collaborates with ‘Google Arts & Culture’ to showcase its exhibitions online, bringing museum experience to your doorstep.

Restrictions on travelling during the pandemic are not a hindrance to people around the world who want to explore art and culture. The Art Museum of CUHK is collaborating with the global platform, ‘Google Arts & Culture’, to showcase its exhibitions online. Over 270 artworks and three themed stories ‘Celebrating the Year of the Ox’, ‘Artistic Confluence in Guangdong from Ming to Mid-Qing China’ and ‘Time Travel • Hong Kong’ have been launched. The Art Museum and Google share the same mission to promote art and culture through cutting-edge technology. With high quality images, viewers can appreciate the fine details of the artworks anytime, anywhere. Visit the artworks here.


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