CUHK Medical Centre: Hong Kong’s first digital smart hospital

The CUHK Medical Centre is scheduled to open its doors in 2020.

The CUHK Medical Centre is scheduled to open its doors in 2020.

There has long been a chasm between public and private healthcare services in Hong Kong. While public hospitals are very affordable, they often operate over their maximum capacity, and face many constraints in terms of implementing the latest medical technologies. On the other end of the spectrum, private hospitals have invested heavily on cutting-edge equipment, but their profit-driven model means their high costs would make their services prohibitive apart from the wealthiest. The CUHK Medical Centre (CUHKMC), currently under construction on the University’s campus, envisions itself to fill the missing middle ground. It will be organised as a non-profit private hospital, which enables it to offer advanced medical care while keeping costs reasonable.

When the CUHKMC opens its doors in 2020, it will become the city’s first fully digitalised smart hospital. Making use of advanced information and communications technology (ICT), CUHKMC aims to improve patient outcomes, maintain a high level of overall operational efficiency, and provide quality healthcare services to the patients.

Dr. Fung Hong, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of CUHKMC, said, ‘We are striving to develop CUHKMC into a fully digitalised smart hospital, which encompasses three main elements and purposes. First, with a fully electronic and paperless medical record system, we hope to offer seamless healthcare services, with continuity, to our patients. Second, mobile ICT and real-time data will support and facilitate a smooth patient treatment process, and at the same time allow closer communication between patients and our doctors and nurses. Third, with the application of the Internet of Things (IoT), a management system can be established to integrate information from different systems and devices, thereby enhancing the efficiency of hospital operations and services.’


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