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The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and The University of Queensland (UQ) have been partners since 2002 and share a common vision in achieving excellence and creating impact for the world. The two universities have identified great potential for future collaborations in numerous areas, including engineering, health sciences, medicine, and social sciences. With the aims of cultivating ties and deepening engagements across the two universities, a series of events is planned to engage scholars in dialogues on different topics of global relevance.


UQ is a leading research university consistently ranked as one of the top five universities in Australia. It has strengths in life sciences, medicine, and engineering, and performs particularly well in research commercialization. Its innovation portfolios include Gardasil®, the world’s first HPV vaccine; Methylscape, a novel rapid cancer diagnostic technology; and its superconductor technology is used in most of the world’s MRI machines. Most recently, UQ has been dedicating to developing a COVID-19 vaccine which has moved into human trials.


CUHK-UQ-Exeter Exploratory Workshop on Environmental Sustainability, 16 November 2021



Following the CUHK-UQ-Exeter Joint Symposium on Environmental Sustainability on 9 November 2021, an exploratory workshop was held on 16 November 2021 that brought together some 30 researchers from the three universities in the fields of biology, humanities, earth and environmental sciences, marine science, mathematics, and public health to share their latest research and explore collaborative projects with an aim of strengthening the links between the CUHK-Exeter Joint Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Resilience (ENSURE) and the QUEX Institute.



  • Prof. Joe Lee, Co-Director, CUHK-Exeter Joint Centre for Environmental Sustainability & Resilience, CUHK
  • Prof. Peter Mumby, Co-Theme Lead for Global Environmental Futures, QUEX Institute, UQ
  • Prof. Gavin Shaddick, Co-Director, CUHK-Exeter Joint Centre for Environmental Sustainability & Resilience, Exeter



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CUHK-UQ-Exeter Joint Symposium on Environmental Sustainability, 9 November 2021



CUHK, UQ, and the University of Exeter (Exeter) are world-leading in environmental science with a strong dedication to the advancement of sustainable development. The three universities have separately established the CUHK-Exeter Joint Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Resilience (ENSURE) and the QUEX Institute to tackle challenges emerging from the changing environment and its influence on planetary health.

To share current work and to inspire collaboration, the first-ever CUHK-UQ-Exeter Joint Symposium on Environmental Sustainability was organized on 9 November 2021 to showcase some of the projects undertaken by ENSURE and QUEX Institute  in the areas of marine science, air pollution, climate adaptation and conservation, and microplastics pollution. The event also featured a panel discussion to shed light on the power of global partnership in a post-COVID world.

The Symposium is a prelude to an exploratory workshop, to be held on 16 November, on building strong researcher links to explore collaborative projects.




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UQ-CUHK Health Equity Webinar Series on “The Tale of Two populations: Ageing with HIV in Hong Kong & Australia”, 25 October 2021 



As regional leaders, CUHK and UQ are organizing a series of webinars on health equity to generate dialogues in this topic of global significance. The second webinar focusing on HIV was held on Monday, 25 October 2021 via Zoom.

Across Australia and Hong Kong there are many similarities in the population of people living and ageing with HIV. In the webinar, speakers from UQ and CUHK shared their understandings of the experiences of people living and ageing with HIV using both clinical and social science lens, with deeper consideration of both management and monitoring and the social determinants of health.





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UQ-CUHK Health Equity Webinar Series on “Healthy Ageing in a Changing World”, 13 September 2021


Joint webinar with UQ explores issues surrounding healthy ageing.


As regional leaders, CUHK and UQ are organizing a series of webinars on health equity to generate dialogues in this topic of global significance. The first webinar focusing on Healthy Ageing was held on Monday, 13 September 2021 via Zoom.

Healthy ageing is a goal for all ageing societies, yet there are inequalities in healthy ageing. How should we measure this as an outcome? Both personal and environmental factors contribute to healthy ageing. Speakers from a diverse background from CUHK and UQ explored these issues and discussed how society as a whole may facilitate healthy ageing in the context of social determinants.



  • Prof. Laurie Buys, Director of Healthy Ageing Initiative, Faculty of Health & Behavioural Sciences, UQ
  • Prof. Helene Fung, Chairperson, Department of Psychology & Deputy Director, CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing, CUHK
  • Prof. Nancy Pachana, Programme Lead of UQ Age Friendly University & Healthy Ageing Initiatives & Co-Director of UQ Ageing Mind Initiative, UQ
  • Dr. Ruby Yu, Senior Research Fellow, CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing, CUHK


  • Prof. Eric Lai, Research Assistant Professor, CUHK Institute of Health Equity, CUHK


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CUHK-UQ Webinar on “The Ethics of Health during a Global Pandemic”, 15 October 2020 



OAL and UQ jointly organized a public webinar on the ethics of health during a global pandemic on 15 October. Moderated by Prof. Francis Chan, Dean of Medicine at CUHK, and Prof. Geoff McColl, Executive Dean of Medicine at UQ, the webinar brought together scholars from medicine, philosophy, and public health, as well as healthcare practitioners to discuss ethical considerations in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as social inequalities and health equity; utilitarian and non-utilitarian approaches; procedural justice; and vaccine development, among other critical issues. Representing CUHK were Dr. Derrick Au of the CUHK Centre for Bioethics; Prof. Chi-tim Hung of the Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care; and Prof. Roger Chung of the CUHK Institute of Health Equity. The webinar attracted over 100 participants from across the world.


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CUHK-UQ Health Engineering Virtual Symposium, 19 August 2020 



With the aim of cultivating ties between researchers and exploring initiatives that will capitalize on their strengths, a joint Health Engineering Virtual Symposium was organized by OAL on 19 August 2020. Focusing on tissue engineering and healthcare technology, the event featured 13 speakers of different disciplines from both universities, including biomedical sciences, chemistry, dentistry, engineering, imaging, and neuroscience. The symposium was officiated by Prof. Rocky S. Tuan, Vice-Chancellor of CUHK, and Prof. Deborah Terry, Vice-Chancellor of UQ, who lent their support for deepening the relationship between the two universities. The event drew approximately 80 participants who engaged in dynamic and fruitful discussions.


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