Term Time Exchange


Campus Life

Living on-campus allows you to experience local student life and culture, and make new friends.  The residential halls, which we call hostels have wardens and residence tutors to oversee students’ physical and mental well-being and provide necessary support to residents. The tutors will also organise resident-association activities such as dinners, games and other gatherings to bring students together.  Most rooms are shared, many accommodating two to a room, although some can house up to four.

Helpful tip! Discuss privacy issues with your roommate when you move in.

Both undergraduate and postgraduate hostels provide the following amenities:

  • Modest furnishings
  • Telephone and internet (ResNet) connections
  • Air-conditioning
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Shared kitchens equipped with refrigerators, stoves, boilers and microwaves
  • Shared bathrooms with showers
  • Common rooms with televisions

Undergraduate Hostels

You will share a room with one or two CUHK students who have expressed an interest in a non-CUHK roommate. Single rooms are not available for undergraduate exchange and study-abroad students.

Click here for more details about undergraduate dormitory preference.


Postgraduate Hostels

The CUHK Jockey Club Postgraduate Halls 2 & 3 provide a limited number of hostel places (double rooms) for exchange students. You can also opt to live off-campus at your own arrangement.


Canteens and Eateries

With over 30 canteens and eateries on campus, you may have a hard time deciding on which one to choose. Most restaurants on campus serve a mix of Chinese, Asian and western dishes, ranging from coffee, sandwiches, salads, noodles, rice bowls, burgers to desserts – there is even a full-fledged Chinese restaurant which serves dim sum lunch. Vegetarian options are available at every restaurant and a vegetarian-only restaurant in central campus. Halal food can be found at the Kabab restaurant in the Li Wai Chun Building.


Extracurricular Activities

While academics is the major aspect of university life, exchange students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities to broaden your experience in Hong Kong.

Student Organisations

CUHK boasts a variety of student organisations, from Chinese martial arts to photography, drama and debating. Those within academic departments and colleges are often the most active. Most activities are conducted in Cantonese but international students can still participate with rewarding results.

Cultural Activities

The Office of Academic Links organises an array of cultural activities for exchange and study-abroad students throughout the term:

The orientation provides exchange and study-abroad students with the best possible start to their time at CUHK. It covers both practical advice and social events: you will find out about the curriculum, student life at the university, Chinese culture, Hong Kong society, and support services provided by the Office of Academic Links.
Explore the hidden beauty of Hong Kong, including its mountains, villages and markets though a number of excursions organized for exchange students.
Rural Schools Service Project
Gain community service experience at local primary schools by helping children learn English or Putonghua, and join cultural activities organised by the schools.

College Activities

CUHK is the only tertiary institution in Hong Kong with a collegiate system. The nine Colleges of CUHK are the centres of non-formal education. They provide scholastic and cultural activities to complement academic learning. Colleges organise cultural activities including singing contests, drama competitions, festival celebrations and language-enhancement programmes. Each college has its own sports teams, which compete in inter-college competitions.  All undergraduate students, including exchange students are affiliated with one of the colleges.  Exchange and study-abroad students can also meet local students and learn Chinese through activities organised by the dormitories’ residents’ associations.


CUHK runs intramural competitions in swimming, basketball, badminton and football. You are encouraged to join sports teams to meet local students and take part in some friendly competitions. For more details, visit the Physical Education Unit‘s website.

Student Services and Facilities

  • Computing Facilities
    Computing facilities are available at several 24-hour labs run by the Information Technology Services Centre and in the hostels.
  • University Libraries
    The university library system has one of Hong Kong’s most comprehensive collections.
  • Independent Learning Centre
    The Independent Learning Centre provides students with an immersive language-learning environment to improve their Chinese and English proficiency.
  • University Health Service
    The University Health Service provides primary medical care. Appointments can be made in advance by phone or through an internet booking system.
  • Sports Facilities
    CUHK and its colleges offer a variety of sports facilities, including a sports field for track and field, gymnasiums, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, tennis and squash courts, weight-training rooms and a water-sports centre.
  • Office of Student Affairs
    The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) offers professional advice on personal growth and development.