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APRU Virtual Student Exchange Program

The Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) Virtual Student Exchange (VSE) provides an opportunity for CUHK students to participate in an exchange without the need to travel.

Application for Academic Courses

Academic courses, most bearing credits, in a range of disciplines are available for undergraduate CUHK students under the APRU VSE. The VSE is offered in three Seasons each year with courses grouped under their starting dates:

  • Season 1: offers regular-term courses with starting dates from July to December
  • Season 2: offers regular-term courses with starting dates from January to June
  • Season 3: offers intensive, short-term courses between May and August

Full course details of the current Season are available at the VSE official website.

CUHK undergraduate students with active student status can apply to VSE courses through the VSE Central Office. Follow the instructions below to make an application.


To enroll, CUHK students should:

  1. Submit an application at the VSE application system.
  2. Submit the Indication of Intention to Join APRU Virtual Student Exchange Program Form (CUHK-VSE form).
  3. Check the inbox of your email account (as a copy of the CUHK-VSE form will be sent to you via email shortly after submission), convert the email into an electronic document or print it out to have a hardcopy of the form.
  4. Pass the CUHK-VSE form to your major Department/Programme for approval via email or in person.
  5. Email the CUHK-VSE form with approval from your major Department/Programme to Ms. Helsa Au, the VSE Coordinator at CUHK, not later than three working days after the application deadline specified by the respective course offering university.  OAL will not endorse your VSE application if you do not submit the form with all necessary information and approval within the prescribed period.
  6. Check your application status in the VSE application system. Your application will not be processed by the VSE Central Office if it is not endorsed.
  7. The VSE Central Office and the course offering university will notify you once you are admitted to the VSE academic course.


Points to note for CUHK students applying to VSE:

  1. You may enroll in a maximum of two academic courses in each VSE Season.
  2. Your participation in the VSE must be endorsed by your major Department/Programme.
  3. Your approved CUHK-VSE form will be submitted to the RES if you are admitted to the VSE academic course.
  4. If you are on suspension of studies (exchange/non-exchange reason) or have satisfied all graduation requirements at CUHK, you are ineligible to take VSE academic courses. During the whole study period of your VSE academic course, you must maintain your active full-time undergraduate student status at CUHK.
  5. You must observe your maximum course load at CUHK according to the CUHK Regulations and Rules. Units of credit-bearing VSE academic course taken will be counted towards your course load in the respective term at CUHK. The total number of course units registered at CUHK and through VSE Program should not exceed the maximum course load per term and per academic year at CUHK.
  6. If you plan to study at CUHK and VSE courses with the total number of units (i) more than 18 units in a regular term, i.e. Term 1 or Term 2, (ii) more than 6 units in a summer, including University Summer Session and International Summer School or (iii) more than 39 units in an academic year, including summer, you must submit a separate application for exceeding Term and/or Year course load (where applicable) during the prescribed application period. Please refer to the ‘Course Load and Selection’ section in the Undergraduate Student Handbook for details.
  7. If you wish to transfer the credits earned from the VSE academic course to your study at CUHK, you should make an application for course and unit exemption to the RES after you have received the transcript from the course offering university. Transferability of VSE academic course credits is subject to the approval of CUHK Faculties and Departments.

Co-curricular Programmes

The VSE presents opportunities for students to join co-curricular programmes offered by APRU member universities. With a network of more than 60 leading universities around the world you can connect with peers across the globe through cultural immersion, global leadership, career planning and social programmes that take place throughout the term.

Check out the available VSE Co-curricular Programmes now!


Have a question about the APRU VSE Program? Contact the VSE Central Office.

For enquiries about course related procedures and regulations at CUHK, please contact Ms. Helsa Au at the Office of Academic Links.