Term Time Exchange



In general, there are two application and placement rounds of the OAL selection. Students should apply to the OAL selection exercise for university-wide, Bachelor of Business Administration, Economics, Engineering or Science Undergraduate Student Exchange Programmes.

When applying to OAL during October to January (1st round) or February to March (2nd round) for a summer/term-time exchange nomination/offer, students do not need to make any financial commitments, including paying fees or providing financial or bank account information.  Students will only be asked to pay a nomination deposit of HK$1,500 when they receive an exchange nomination/offer for their application.

Below shows the application process of the first placement round:


1st Round

Application period: 28 September (09:00) to 25 October (23:59) 2023

  • Application is open to all CUHK full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Eligibility requirements:
    • Having a cumulative GPA of 2.70 or above,
    • Maintaining a good academic and disciplinary standing while studying at CUHK, and
    • Having a cumulative exchange period of less than one academic year, i.e. two regular terms plus one u-wide summer exchange.
  • Interview will be arranged for students:
    • who, at the time of application, have not completed one term of study at CUHK, or
    • whose application has an unsatisfactory recommendation, or
    • who have indicated to opt for attending an interview in their application (only for those who have completed at least one term of study at CUHK)

    Application and Selection Schedule of the 1st Round


    2nd Round

    Application period: 27 February (09:00) to 10 March (23:59) 2024

  • Application is open to all CUHK full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students except for
    • Students who have applied for the 1st round and have received an exchange offer for 2024-25 (regardless of acceptance or rejection of the offer); or
    • Students who have accepted an exchange offer for 2024-25 from any other CUHK units.
  • Eligibility requirements of the first round also apply to this round.
  • Fewer number of programmes and quotas are available for application (compared to the 1st round).
  • No interview will be arranged. Applicants whose application has an unsatisfactory recommendation will not be shortlisted.
  • Online recommendation and interview scores of the first round can be used in this round.

Application and Selection Schedule of the 2nd Round


Application and Policy Manual

More information about the OAL exchange application and selection exercise (e.g. application procedures, interview arrangements, recommendation arrangements, calculation of composite score, placement arrangements, etc.), please refer to the Application and Policy Manual (2024-25).


For information about exchange programmes offered through Colleges, Faculties and Departments, please consult them directly.