Join the World’s Challenge Challenge and show the world your unique solution to pressing global issues! (Deadline extended to 6 April 2023)

Think you have a unique solution to a global problem? Wondering how to draw attention to your ideas? Do the following right now!

  1. Form a team of 2-4 members to develop your ideas
  2. Join the CUHK competition to enter the Western University’s World’s Challenge Challenge 2023
  3. Secure your chance to advance to the virtual Global Final in June against teams from around the world
  4. Win the prize (up to 30,000 Canadian Dollars) and present your ideas to peers and experts worldwide!

The World’s Challenge Challenge, hosted by Western University in Canada, is an exciting way to engage in discussion and debate on world issues, and to bring ideas from many different perspectives to the table.

CUHK Competition

To join the Global Final of the World’s Challenge Challenge, first you will have to go through the local competition here at CUHK. First, you should form a team of two to four members. Team members could be CUHK undergraduate and/or postgraduate students. We encourage teams to be formed with members from different faculties but team members can be from the same faculty. Next, tell us how you would address one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by describing the challenge (300 words) and drafting a brief outline of your solution (400-800 words). Submit your team’s details and the briefs through this webform by 6 April and we will select one winning team to represent CUHK at the Global Final. The winning team can receive sponsorship between HK$5,000 and HK$10,000 per team member (dependent on the number of team members in the group) towards their airfare to participate in the Global Final in Canada.


Global Final

The winning team of the CUHK competition will be invited to a conference and Global Final competition hosted by Western University, from 5-9 June. During the Global Final, in addition to competing for a top prize of C$30,000, finalists have an opportunity to network with some of the best and brightest students from around the world, participate in academic events, generate further discussion around global issues, and experience a taste of Canadian hospitality.

For the Global Final, the team will need to submit two videos to the organizer:

  1. A 3-minute video for the semi-finals as an overall summary of the idea.

Teams will be selected during the semi-finals to advance to the final round.


More details

CUHK competition registration form
Application and competition process
Eligibility and requirements
Global Final details
Useful resources

We look forward to your submission. If you have an question about the World’s Challenge Challenge, please email


Click Here to join the CUHK competition for WCC 2023!


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