Spreading the sound of music

Lok Sam is supported by his friends during his saxophone performance.

Lok Sam (4th left) is supported by his friends during his saxophone performance.

As a student majoring in music, Lok Sam Au-Yeung has seized every opportunity immersing in the music culture in the US during his exchange at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He joined the University’s Saxophone Quartet, the Jazz Ensemble and the Symphonic Band and made 12 performances during the semester. Apart from gaining mileage in his music journey by performing with the amazing teams there, he had also benefitted from personal growth. ‘Although I am the youngest in the saxophone quartet, I did not feel like I was considered inferior. When it comes to making compromises and agreements during rehearsals, I appreciate the culture where everyone’s idea is considered equally.’

While in the US, Lok Sam submitted his saxophone project to a number of international competitions and received a ‘Grand Slam’ for being selected as the champion in all the competitions. He also conducted his first ever solo recital. Lok Sam was thankful to the encouragement from his saxophone professor and the support from some 40 friends and guests (and more from overseas through livestream) celebrating the once-in-a-lifetime moment with him. ‘Though it is exhausting, it is no doubt my biggest and most rewarding event in this exchange.’

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