International Virtual Pop Culture Fest

The Virtual Pop Culture Fest provides a platform for participants from CUHK, Hiroshima University and Korea University for intellectual exchange of the pop culture in Asia.

What does pop culture mean? Each city has its own distinctive pop culture and it would be interesting for students to learn the pop culture of their international peers. Held in November, the Virtual Pop Culture Fest brought students from CUHK, Hiroshima University (HU) and Korea University (KU) together to engage in learning and sharing on the pop culture in Asia, its influence on the young generation, and its impact on societies.

Professors from the three institutions gave talks on areas such as music, manga and movie. Mr. Alexander Lee Eusebio, a Korean radio DJ and a former member of the South Korean boy band U-KISS, shared his insights on K-entertainment which had raised vibrant discussion among the participants. Prof. Maria Mihaela Grajdian from HU found the event was both inspiring and educational. Prof. Helen Haerin Shin from KU found it fun and edifying and she had enjoyed the intellectual exchange with students.