GlobaLinks Sep 2022

Exploring wonders in Turkey

Esther is fascinated by the Turkish culture.

Esther is fascinated by the Turkish culture.

Packed with historical sites and archaeological wonders, Turkey embodies many extremes from both Eastern and Western cultures. Esther Lau, a Year 4 Psychology student, recounted her exchange experience and cultural adventures in the last semester at Koç University in Turkey.

‘The most interesting class that I took was the Turkish course provided for all international students. Since English education is not prevalent there, it is necessary for a foreigner to know the local language. We learnt phrases for greetings such as “Günaydın” (good morning) and “Nasılsınız” (how are you) for daily use. I am proud that I am able to communicate with local taxi drivers fluently at the end of my trip in Turkey.’ Esther has made many friends from different countries which brought her spectacular cultural exchange experiences.

Esther tours the ancient city of Troy with her friends.

Esther (1st left) tours the ancient city of Troy with her friends.

Esther also visited some heritage sites, including Ephesus in İzmir, the ancient city that plays a vital role in spreading Christianity. She was impressed with the warm hospitality of Turks and delicious food such as the Turkish breakfast, manti (Turkish dumpling) and kebab. ‘Turks love rooftop restaurants where they can enjoy the scenery of the Bosporus Strait and the mosque while having meals.’

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