CUHK x HKTB Youth Academy @West Kowloon Neighbourhood: Join us to Showcase Hong Kong to the World! (June – July 2022)




CUHK and the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) are joining hands again to present the third edition of the CUHK x HKTB Youth Academy in July.  This will be an invaluable opportunity for you to develop your capacities in creativity, teamwork, and leadership, as well as to achieve a comprehensive understanding of tourism in Hong Kong.


The first CUHK x HKTB Youth Academy was held in summer 2021, in which CUHK student ambassadors of the Academy had conceptualized, planned, and ran two virtual guided tours, one of Tsim Sha Tsui and one of Tai Po, to an international audience.  At the upcoming Academy, the ambassadors will, under the guidance of a team of veteran mentors, learn essential skills in storytelling, research and presentation through a series of training sessions and rehearsal.  8 – 10 ambassadors, CUHK full-time students, will work together to showcase the arts and culture in the West Kowloon Neighbourhood by curating a virtual guided tour.


Details of the five training sessions and the rehearsal are as follows:


Date Time Details
11 Jun (Sat)

18 Jun (Sat)

25 Jun (Sat)

1600-1800 Training sessions at Hong Kong Tourism Board Office (Note: Compliance with Vaccine Pass)

·         Introduction of the HKTB Youth Academy

·         Undertaking research and planning tour in the west Kowloon neighbourhood

·         Preparing and writing script for tour

Organising and leading an interactive virtual tour in front of camera

2 Jul (Sat) Afternoon On-site training at places to be toured with veteran mentors
9 Jul (Sat) Afternoon On-site rehearsal with veteran mentors


The tour will take place on Friday 15 July.  Ambassadors will work together to lead the virtual tour to the CUHK International Summer School 2022 participants and potential incoming exchange students of 2022-23 academic year.


Date Time Participants Places to be visited in Each Tour
15 Jul (Fri) 0900-1200
(Tour commence at 1000)
8 – 10 ambassadors on site conducting the virtual tour Ambassadors will work together to device a tour


If you identify yourself as an outgoing, creative, and presentable individual who possess a strong team spirit and is proficient in English, you are invited to apply through a webform by Monday 6 June 2022 (extended deadline). Before applying, please make sure you will be able to join all the training and rehearsal sessions, and are free on the tour date.  You should also enrol in the CUHK Student Helper Engagement Scheme before the training sessions.  As a token of appreciation, all ambassadors who have successfully completed the Academy (joining all the required sessions) will receive a completion certificate and a subsidy of $300 based on the CUHK student helper rate.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email Don’t miss out this golden opportunity to develop yourself and show it to the world!

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