GlobaLinks June 2021

Getting inspired on fellowship at Stanford

CASBS hosts fellows in residence during January–May this year.

CASBS hosts fellows in residence during January–May this year.
(Photo courtesy of CASBS)

A Partner Fellowship Program is in place between CUHK and Stanford University’s Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) which provides opportunity for CUHK faculty members to take part in a residential fellowship at CASBS. Prof. Jimmy Chan from the Department of Economics was awarded to join the class of 2020–21, which comprised scholars in the fields of anthropology, education, medicine, political science, psychology, and sociology, among others.

Due to the pandemic, the first half of this year’s fellowship programme was held virtually, while the second half was delivered in a hybrid mode. Prof. Chan undertook the programme in residence from January to May. ‘All seminars and discussion sessions, all year, remained on Zoom. But thanks to the warm California sun, I could often have lunch and coffee with other fellows in the courtyard. My study overlooked the Stanford campus. I spent most of my time in a study on college admissions in China and thinking about various subjects brought up during the seminars and talks.’

Prof. Jimmy Chan appreciates the diverse scholarly environment at CASBS which fosters interdisciplinary exchange.

Prof. Chan recounted his experience at CASBS, ‘The magic of CASBS was its combination of vibrant intellectual exchange and physical tranquillity. Fellows came from different disciplines. I learnt about the life of a gay Mexican-American actor in a homophobic Hollywood during the 1920s, and the struggles of black parents in a predominantly white school district in contemporary America. As an economist I used to think in abstract mathematical models, but all these reminded me of the value and dignity of individuals.’

The CUHK-Stanford CASBS Partner Fellowship Program invites applications annually. Please stay tuned for the next call.