CUHK Committee on Student Exchange


Committee on Student Exchange


Chairman: Professor Alan CHAN, Provost



Registrar or One Representative from the Registry (ex officio)

  • Aubrey CHAN

Associate Dean (Student Affairs), Faculty of Arts (ex officio)

  • Professor John LAI

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies), Faculty of Business Administration (ex officio)

  • Doctor Fred KU

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies), Faculty of Education (ex officio)

  • Professor Raymond SUM

Associate Dean (Education), Faculty of Engineering (ex officio)

  • Professor LEE Tan

Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning), Faculty of Law (ex officio)

  • Professor Queenie LAI

Associate Dean (Student Affairs), Faculty of Medicine (ex officio)

  • Professor Simon NG

Associate Dean (Education), Faculty of Science (ex officio)

  • Professor KWAN Kin Ming

Associate Dean (Education), Faculty of Social Science (ex officio)

  • Professor Nicole CHEUNG

Director of Academic Links (ex officio)

  • Ms. Shally Fan

One College Dean of Students

  • Professor Poon Ming Kay, Wu Yee Sun College

Co-opted Member Nominated by Chairman

  • Professor WONG Suk Ying


Secretary: Ms. Shally FAN, Director of Academic Links


Terms of Reference

  1. To devise and supervise the implementation of strategies that will enable the University to achieve its targets on student exchanges.
  2. To advise on institutional policies and practices regarding student exchanges with partner universities. This includes formats for student mobility programmes, efforts to promote student exchanges, academic programming, and registration and course selection arrangements.
  3. To advise on matters related to financial aid for students (incoming and outgoing) who participate in student exchange programmes.
  4. To receive regular reports and monitor the development of student exchange programmes, including pastoral matters concerning incoming students and the maintenance of communications with CUHK students whilst studying abroad.
  5. To receive reports and to advise on the development and running of summer programmes.


10 September 2021


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