GlobaLinks_Mar 2020

CUHK anthropologist pursues intellectual breakthrough in Cambridge

Prof. WU Ka Ming has a rewarding experience serving as a visiting fellow at Clare Hall.

Prof. WU Ka Ming has a rewarding experience serving as a visiting fellow at Clare Hall.

CUHK and the University of Cambridge (Cambridge) have enjoyed a long-standing partnership. There have been multi-faceted collaborations at different levels between the two universities, including undergraduate and postgraduate student exchanges, research collaboration in autism neuroscience, and a joint laboratory in bilingualism.

In particular, CUHK and Clare Hall of Cambridge, a graduate college for advanced study, have been collaborating in a visiting fellowship programme to promote and develop research collaborations. The fellowship allows a CUHK visiting fellow to carry out research at Clare Hall for six or 12 months. Eight CUHK faculty members from the Faculties of Arts, Education, Engineering and Social Science have been supported to visit Clare Hall so far.

Prof. WU Ka Ming from the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies was the latest CUHK visiting fellow at Clare Hall who completed her fellowship last July. Prof. Wu shared that she has greatly benefited from the programme. ‘The most rewarding experience at Cambridge was reaching out to the science community to explore research collaboration. I shared my research on gender and nationalism to medical doctors, genetics scientists and artificial intelligence engineers. I am also working on a new research project on plastics with scholars in material engineering, Japanese history and south African anthropology. The fellowship programme took me to different time and space for intellectual reflections which are much needed to advance my research career and to build inter-disciplinary concerns.’ Apart from research, Prof. Wu also enjoyed biking through the ancient university town and the wooden bridges over rivers in Cambridge.

The Clare Hall Visiting Fellowship Programme are invited annually. For more information, please refer to the Human Resources Office’s External Development Opportunities website.