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A wonderful journey in Helsinki

Thomas (1st left) embraces new cultures while studying at the Helsinki Summer School.

Thomas (1st left) embraces new cultures while studying at the Helsinki Summer School.

Going on exchange is an eye-opening experience for every student. Thomas Li, a Year 3 medical student studying in the MBChB Programme was on exchange at the University of Helsinki this summer and shared his experience.

‘Moi! The 20-day journey at the Helsinki Summer School was a truly memorable experience to broaden my horizons and foster my personal growth. In Finland, “Hey” or “Moi” means “hi” and “yes”, “hey hey” or “moi moi” is just a way to say goodbye. Having such a wonderful opportunity to participate in professional courses in environmental ethics, as well as group activities and excursions beyond classrooms led to an otherworldly gateway to embrace Finnish education. Whether you are rambling in Sibelius Park, visiting the Helsinki Festival, or studying in Central Library Oodi, you can always find the moment of yourself. I simply went beyond and indulged myself in the harmonious co-existence of nature and human in Porvoo, and Tallinn, Estonia. Going on exchange gave me the opportunity to explore and embrace new places, new people and new cultures in Finland that has resulted in a fruitful experience. Cheers and moi moi!’

Application for Outgoing Exchange Programmes (Summer 2020 / Regular Term-Time 2020-21) will begin on 3 October until 29 October 2019. On-campus events such as the Global Explorer Exhibitions, briefings and regional briefings will be held in October for students to learn more about the exchange opportunities at over 280 institutions in more than 30 regions worldwide. Stay tuned to our upcoming announcements. Please encourage your students to grasp these valuable opportunities. For more information about going on exchange, check out the OAL website.