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WUN Research


WUN supports a wide spectrum of research activities and encourages research of an interdisciplinary nature. In particular, the Network fosters collaboration in four key areas identified as the Global Challenges. It also promotes researchers mobility for the purposes of advancing their knowledge and skills, and expanding their international networks for future academic success, which is particularly relevant to early and mid-career academics.

CUHK is involved in over 30 research collaborations in partnerships with WUN member universities, working together to address some of the most pressing issues the world currently faces.


WUN Global Challenges

Addresses the sources, mechanisms, and social structures that give rise to today’s higher education challenges, and works collaboratively across the Network to propose reform policies for international research and education. Its research priorities in 2019-20 are:

  1. Transforming the higher education curriculum for the 21st century
  2. Strengthening the legitimacy and authority of the university in a changing world
  3. Critically examining/enabling global and local mobilities of people, ideas, programmes, knowledge in higher education

Emphasises a life-course approach to opportunities for addressing non-communicable diseases especially in low and middle income countries and transitioning populations, as well as in developed societies where there are social disparities at risk.  Its research priorities in 2019-20 are:

  1. Life course approach to health
  2. Health systems, policies, and frameworks
  3. Inequalities within and across countries
  4. Evidence-based interventions for disease prevention and health promotion

Primarily focuses on food and environment security and encompasses projects that address scientific, cultural, health and social issues arising from climate change such as environmental changes, food and water shortages, and population displacement and migration. Its research priorities in 2019-20 are:

  1. Affordable and clean energy
  2. Climate-forced migration
  3. Climate-resilient food systems
  4. Responsible production, consumption, and disposal of plastics

Facilitates interdisciplinary research for understanding some of the principal consequences of globalisation for cultural identities. Its research agenda is shaped by a concern with how profound globalisation trends such as a more integrated transnational economic system, increasing levels of population mobility, and widening social inequalities are challenging national, regional and individual cultural practices. Its research priorities in 2019-20 are:

  1. Migration
  2. Heritage and climate change
  3. Decolonization
  4. Threat to humanities


Research Highlights

WUN-CUHK Projects

Under the auspices of WUN, CUHK has over the years collaborated with WUN member universities in over 30 research projects, including 11 projects led by CUHK members:

Project CUHK PI
Analyzing the Role of Urban Forms in Making Sustainable, Healthy Cities Prof. Hendrik Tieben, School of Architecture
Women’s Mobility: Negotiating Work & Family Spheres in Asia Prof. SONG Jing, Gender Studies Programme
Wind or Solar? The Political Economy of Fuel Competition between Renewables Prof. XU Yuan, Dept of Geography & Resource Management
Impacts of Grain Legume R&D in Developing Countries (completed) Prof. LAM Hon-ming, Centre for Soybean Research, SKL of Agrobiotechnology (CUHK)
Migration Policy, Welfare Boundary, Social Integration & Health-related Quality of Life of Children from Immigrant Families Prof. Joseph T.F. Lau, JC School of Public Health & Primary Care
Impacts of Future Climate & Land Use Changes on Air Quality & Food Security: Implications for Sustainable Land Management in Southeast Asia & Africa (completed) Prof. Amos Tai, Earth System Science Programme
Provision of Health Service & Community Care for the Elderly: Intergenerational Roles & Equity Prof. Eliza Wong, JC School of Public Health & Primary Care
Labor Market Outcomes among Highly-Skilled Immigrants & Return Migrants: The Role of Place of Education (completed) Prof. Yuying Tong, Dept of Sociology
Managing the Globalisation of Water Services in a World Affected by Climate Change: Regulatory & Economic Challenges (completed) Prof. Julien Chaisse, Faculty of Law
Adopting REDD+ for Conservation, Sustainable Community Livelihood & Climate Change Mitigation Prof. Lawal M. Marafa, Dept of Geography & Resource Management
Migration with & without Children: Causes & Economic, Social & Psychological Consequences (completed) Prof. Junsen Zhang, Dept of Economics

To see a full list of WUN projects CUHK engages in, please click here.


WUN at CUHK Contact

To learn more about opportunities provided through the WUN for CUHK researchers, please visit WUN’s website or contact:

Ms. Shally Fan
Director of Academic Links
Tel:  +852 3943 7586
Email: shallyfan@cuhk.edu.hk

Ms. Yvonne Heung
Assistant Programme Manager
Tel: +852 3943 4371
Email: yvonneheung@cuhk.edu.hk