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Directions to CUHK campus

Hong Kong is a vibrant and convenient city to live. The cost of public transportation is affordable and efficiently connects all parts of the city. Several means of transportation will take you to the CUHK campus from the Hong Kong International Airport.

By taxi

The trip from the airport to the CUHK campus is about 45 minutes. The fare is around HK$300. Most taxi drivers in Hong Kong understand some English. The following text will come in handy:

"The Chinese University of Hong Kong (香港中文大學)"

By airport bus and taxi/MTR train

Take airport bus route number A41 from the airport to Shatin Station. The bus runs from 06:00 to 24:00 at 20-minute intervals. The Shatin Central Bus Terminal is not the terminal stop for the bus, so ask the driver where to get off or pay attention to the announcement. The bus ride takes 65–70 minutes depending on traffic conditions. The fare is currently HK$22.3 payable on boarding bus in exact change.

Connected by: 

  • Taxi
  • From Shatin Station, you can take a taxi to the University. The fare is about HK$50. It will take about 15 minutes.

  • MTR train (not recommended if you have bulk luggage)
  • Alternatively, from Shatin Station, you can take the train to the University Station (second stop from Shatin). The trains run every 5 to 10 minutes from 06:00 to 24:00. The train ride takes about 9 minutes. The fare is HK$4.5 (using a Single Journey Ticket).

    There are three exits at University Station—two to the CUHK campus and the other to the public bus terminus and taxi stand. The CUHK campus map is accessible online here.

    The University shuttle bus stops are located between the two exits to CUHK. There are different shuttle bus routes stopping at various locations withi the campus. Please click here.

CUHK is situated in the New Territories, away from the business districts of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Reaching CUHK campus by taxi costs about HK$250 from the central business district of Hong Kong Island and costs about HK$180 from Kowloon.

The following links provide information on how to get to and get around CUHK:


Hotel Accomodation

There are four hotels located in close proximity to CUHK. Please click here for further information.

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