Study Abroad & Exchanges for Visiting Students

Application procedures

To check whether you are eligible to study in Hong Kong, you may refer to the immigration guidelines for entry to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China posted on Please note that some nationals are not allowed to pursue studies in Hong Kong according to the Hong Kong Immigration Policy on Education.

Please note the following schedule:

1st term admission
(September – December)

2nd term admission
(January – May)

Application open

1 March

1 July

Application close and application materials should be sent by EMAIL (for exchange students) / MAIL (for study abroad students) to Office of Academic Links (i-Centre)

1 April

2 October

Notification of results (via email)

  • Mid June – July (for exchange students)
  • Late July (for study abroad students)
  • Late October – November (for exchange students)
  • Late November (for study abroad students)

Deadline for submission of visa application and acceptance documents to Office of Academic Links (i-Centre) by courier

Within 14 days of the receipt of acceptance

Within 10 days of the receipt of acceptance

If you wish to enroll as exchange student at CUHK, please check with the study abroad office of your university if there is an existing partnership in place with CUHK.

If you would like to study at CUHK as an exchange student, contact the study abroad office, or equivalent, at your home institution. (Download the application instructions for exchange students here)

If you would like to study at CUHK as a study abroad student, apply directly through CUHK's Office of Academic Links and pay attention to the following:

 Important points to note

  • Due to limited on-campus hostel places, it is unlikely that on-campus accommodation will be available to study abroad students unless special agreements have been made with institutions. If you would like to study at CUHK, please email to express your interest and discuss your application with our student advisor before submitting an application.
  • Application to exchange and study abroad programme does not guarantee any course registration. Courses offered by the Faculty of Business Administration are very popular.  Students should be flexible in their course selection.
  • LAWS courses offered by the LLB programme at CUHK are not open to study abroad students.
  • Study abroad students who intend to take LAWS postgraduate courses are required to check for the eligibility and tuition fee arrangement with the Faculty of Law at Once admitted, these students will only be allowed to take LAWS postgraduate courses at CUHK during the study period.
  • Transcripts of International Asian Studies Programme (IASP) will only be available for mailing 2 months after the last day of the term.



Step 1 -

Submit an online application

Step 2 -

Print out a copy of your online application form

Step 3 -

Print out a copy of your application record sheet

Step 4 -

Complete the application record sheet

Step 5 -

If you have been nominated or you are supported by your home institution for the study abroad programme (Skip this step if you are applying by yourself),

  • submit a copy of your online application form to the study abroad office of your home institution
  • ask the study abroad or international office of your home institution to complete the endorsement part of the application record sheet 

Step 6 -

Send the following documents to the Office of Academic Links on/before the application deadline

Supporting documents

Study abroad applicants should submit the following supporting documents:

  • Two academic recommendations (in either English or Chinese), one of which must be from a professor or advisor at your home university. Download the recommendation form. Ask the recommenders to mail the completed form directly to the CUHK.
  • Official transcripts or official English translation of transcripts (if transcripts are issued in any language other than English) from all institutions attended. Ask the institutions to mail these documents directly to CUHK. Please provide an official explanation of the grading system in English if other than A=4.0, B=3.0, etc. 
  • Application fee of HK$400 or US$52 (for study abroad students only), payable preferably by bank draft or international money order to "The Chinese University of Hong Kong", drawn on a bank in Hong Kong.
  • A photocopy of the identification/particular page of your national passport.
Additional documents (if applicable):
  • Official TOEFL/IELTS score (taken within two years of application). If your home institution does not use English as a primary language of instruction, please provide a TOEFL/IELTS score report or a written support from the study abroad/international office at your home institution.
  • Scores from achievement tests (e.g. SAT, GRE).
  • A photocopy of your Hong Kong Permanent Identity (HKPID) Card, if any.
    (Students who have a Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card do not need to apply for a student visa for their studies at CUHK. If you are a HKPID holder, you are strongly advised to provide a photocopy of your HKPID card in order to have the student visa application fees waived. Otherwise, you will be charged the fee if the application is successful.)


All study abroad applicants should pay an application fee of HK$400 or US$52 made payable in Hong Kong dollars preferably by bank draft or international money order to "The Chinese University of Hong Kong".

Exchange and study abroad students will be required to settle fees as invoiced.

For non-MBA exchange and study abroad students, the associated fees are listed in the fees table.

For MBA exchange and study abroad students, the associated fees are listed in the fees table.

Application record sheet

You must click the "Submit" button at the top right-hand corner of your online application in order to gain access to the Application Record Sheet in the My Application page. View a sample of the Application Record Sheet.

Office of Academic Links

Study abroad applicants should mail a copy of their completed online application form, application record sheet, supporting documents and the application fee to:

International Asian Studies Programme
Office of Academic Links (i-Centre)
1/F., Yasumoto International Academic Park
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong SAR
(Re: Exchange/Study Abroad Application)
How to complete an online application

IMPORTANT: Please read the following instructions thoroughly before you start working on the online application.

Step 1 – Prepare the necessary information

Step 2 – Learn the important notes

Step 3 – Create, update and submit an application online

Step 4 – Review and amend submitted application

Step 1 – Prepare the necessary information

There are 10 sections in the form. Please have all related documents/information with you before you login to the online application system. 

Section 1 -

Personal Details: Your particulars and contact information. 

Section 2 -

Study Information: Your intending admission status, period of study, degree level and class level at CUHK. 

Section 3 -

Current Study: General information of your study at your home institution. 

Section 4 -

Other Studies: Information of other institution(s) attended.

Section 5 -

Employment History: Information of your current and previous working experience.

Section 6 -

Statement of Purpose: Please explain in no more than 300 words the academic and personal reasons for your proposed participation in the exchange/study abroad programme.

Section 7 -

Preliminary Study Plan at CUHK: A tentative list of courses which you intend to take during your study period at CUHK. This section is NOT for your course registration at CUHK. Courses you select are for course planning only. Please click here to view the full list of courses for preliminary study plan and here for availability of courses at CUHK.

Section 8 -

Recommendations: Contact information of your two academic recommenders, one of whom must be a professor or advisor at your home university.

Section 9 -

Emergency Contact: Contact information of the persons who should be informed in case of an emergency.

Section 10 -

Undergraduate Accommodation Preference: Accommodation preference for your study at CUHK (For undergraduate students only).



Step 2 – Learn the important notes

To complete your online application successfully, please note the following:

Note 1   -

Use English only: Use English only for all your inputs into the form. Non-English characters are not acceptable.

Note 2   -

Save your form frequently: There is a "Save" button at the top right-hand corner of the form. Please remember to save your draft every 15 minutes to secure your inputs into the form. An auto-email will be sent to your email account to acknowledge the saving.

Note 3   -

Beware of page time-out: A (web) page on the online application will expire if you leave it idle for 20 minutes. Remember to save your draft before you leave your work station or switch to other matters. Otherwise you will need to input your data all over again into the form.

Note 4   -

Adjust the resolution of your computer: Use PC screen resolution of 1024 x 768 (96DPI) or higher with Internet Explorer 11 or higher to get the best view of the form. You may miss some important parts if using other resolutions. Follow this path to adjust the resolution before you login: Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Display -> Settings -> Set Screen Resolution to 1024 by 768 pixels

Note 5   -

Set up the pop-up blocker if you are using a computer running Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Choose Tools -> Pop-up Blocker -> Pop-up Blocker Settings
  3. Type in the "Address of Web site to allow" textbox
  4. Select "Add"
  5. Click "Close"
Step 3 – Create, update and submit an application online


Create your Application: Use link below to go to the login page of the online application. Click on the link “New Application” to access a blank new application form. Fill out the form accordingly.


Save your Application: Click the “Save” button if you would like to update or submit the form later.


Update your application: If you have already saved a draft, login to the system using your email address and password.


Submit your Application: Applicants must click the “Submit” button and the “Accept” button in the Declaration Section in order to submit an application to the Office of Academic Links, CUHK. An auto-email will be sent to your email account to confirm the submission.

Go to online application!


If you have difficulty accessing the online application form due to security certificate problem, please follow the instructions at to install a CUHK root certificate.

(Once you have submitted your application, please check your email account frequently for any important messages from us and to ensure that the account is functioning properly, and with at least 200KB of email storage space all the time.)


Step 4 – Review and amend submitted application


View your application number: Use your email address and password to login to the system and view your application number which is shown in the My Application page.

C1.1.2b 4.1



Amend your application data: You are not allowed to amend your application once it is being processed. Please email us at for any amendment necessary to your application.

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