Study Abroad & Exchanges for CUHK Students

Scholarships and Financial Aid

CUHK Student Exchange Financial Aid and Scholarship Scheme (FASS)
CUHK students who are going on exchange can apply for financial support under the CUHK Student Exchange Financial Aid and Scholarship Scheme (FASS). Eligible students will be invited to complete a FASS application form. Successful applicants will receive financial support in the form of ether a travel grant only; a travel grant plus need-based financial aid; or a travel grant plus a scholarship.

Any travel grant will be based on a percentage of the estimated round-trip airfare; for 2015-16, the percentage is roughly 25%.

Need-based financial aid is available to students who can present solid proof of financial needs. They will receive financial aid based on the difference between the estimated cost of the exchange and their family's disposable income. They will also be subject to an asset test, so that assets such as property and land owned by family members are taken into account in assessing the amount of assistance they receive.

Click here for more information about FASS.

Scholarships and Financial Aid Offered by Other CUHK Units
Scholarships and financial aid are also available from other CUHK departments. Please click here for more information and contact the relevant offices for further information.

EDB Subsidy Schemes – SSE and SSEBR (Jul 2016 – Aug 2018)
Scheme for Subsidy on Exchange for Post-secondary Students (SSE); and Scheme for Subsidy on Exchange to Belt and Road Regions for Post-secondary Students (SSEBR) are funded by the HKSAR Education Bureau.  Students who meet certain requirements and who are on eligible non-local learning programmes that finish between July 2016 and August 2018 can apply for a subsidy under SSE (for destinations outside HK) or SSEBR (for destinations along the Belt and Road). For requirements and application procedures, please click here.

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