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CUHK-Stanford University CASBS Partner Fellowship Program




(For CUHK Faculty Members of Arts, Business Administration, Law, and Social Science)

Internal Deadline: Monday, 24 September 2018

CUHK and Stanford University’s Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) have recently set up a Partner Fellowship Program to provide opportunities for CUHK faculty members to advance their research by taking part in a residential fellowship program at Stanford University that fosters interdisciplinary intellectual exchange. Selected fellows will spend nine months at CASBS, where they will meet with fellows from diverse academic disciplines worldwide. The program will strengthen their collaboration network and facilitate the development of cutting-edge approaches to critical social problems. This prestigious opportunity is open to scholars in the behavioral and social sciences.

The Fellowship Program will soon invite applications for 2019-20 (Visit period: September 2019-May 2020).


The ideal candidate for a CASBS fellowship is a highly accomplished academic or thinker (relative to career stage) and meets the following criteria:

  • Has a PhD, professional degree (e.g., JD, MD), an equivalent foreign degree, or has achieved an equivalent level of professional reputation.
  • Is three to four years past the doctorate or equivalent degree (CASBS does not offer post-doctoral fellowships).
  • Is an academic faculty member, or an independent researcher, who exhibits a high level of achievement, including a strong record of research publications.
  • Communicates clearly in English.
  • Is very interested in participating in regular interdisciplinary conversations.

Scope of Support

The following provisions will be provided to the selected fellow:

  • Salary at CUHK (provided on the ground of leave granted)
  • Housing assistance (to be offered by CUHK and CASBS)
  • Relocation allowance, which will vary depending on the home location and family size (to be offered by CASBS)
  • Research allowance (to be offered by CASBS)


Interested applicants should complete the application form (download here) and submit their applications to Ms. Olivia Kwok at the Office of Academic Links by 24 September 2018. The applications will be reviewed by the respective Faculty Deans and a central panel at the University. The selected applicant(s) will be invited to submit their applications online along with two reference letters by 2 November 2018.

To learn more about the fellowship program, please refer to the webpage.


Please contact Ms. Olivia Kwok at the Office of Academic Links.


Last Updated on 25 July 2018