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APRU Virtual Student Exchange Program

(Commencing in August/September 2020)

Are you looking for international exchange opportunities but are unable to join because of current health and safety concerns, restrictions on international travel, budget constraints, or other commitments?

The Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) Virtual Student Exchange (VSE) is an innovative breakthrough in global education. Utilizing online platforms and advanced technologies, the Program provides an opportunity for you to participate in an exchange without the need to travel.

Take Academic Courses

Academic courses, many bearing credits, in a range of disciplines are available for undergraduate CUHK students under the APRU VSE. You can take one course from the catalogue of courses available. Enrich your knowledge and earn credits from the course offering universities. Apply for course and unit exemption at CUHK after successful completion (subject to final approval from the respective CUHK department).

Courses available to CUHK students are listed below. Check for full course details at the VSE official website.

Please note each VSE course offering university has a slightly different starting date for its academic term, and a specific application period.

Application Closed

  1. 0201125 Management Under Different Culture*
  2. 0201151 Our Environment*
  3. 0201171 Effective Career Management
  4. 0201212 Sport Ethics
  5. 0201234 Local and Global Issues*
  6. 2200154 Basic Thai for Foreigners*
  7. 2305151 Organic Gardening*
  8. 2314255 Elementary Food Technology*
  9. 3503111 Introduction to Classical Music
  10. 3700104 Integrated Healthcare for New Generation

Courses offered by Keio University do not bear credits for VSE students.
Application deadline: September 10, 2020

  1. 00763 Japanese Linguistics in Sociocultural Context
  2. 04348 Crossing Borders: Adapting to Japan and Adapting to the World
  3. 07275 Cultural Presuppositions in Japanese Communication

Application deadline: August 25, 2020

  1. BUSS363 Marketing Strategy*
  2. DISS140 Globalization and Beyond: Culture, Society, And Political Economy*
  3. DISS241 Contemporary Korea*
  4. DISS256 Dynamic of International Development*
  5. ECON202 Macro Economics*
  6. HOKA004 Introduction to Korean and East Asian History*
  7. JMCO203 Introduction to Media*
  8. JMCO264 Interpersonal Communication*
  9. JMCO273 Introduction to Film*
  10. KORE230 Introduction to Korean Linguistics*

Courses offered by Osaka University do not bear credits for VSE students.
Application deadline: September 16, 2020

  1. 3B1528 Climate Change in Asia Pacific – Science and Solutions

Application Closed

  1. CO1005 Media, Culture and Society*
  2. EH1012  Ethics, Social Responsibility and Sustainability*
  3. EH1013 Mexico´s Cultural Heritage*
  4. H1057 Myths that Inhabit with us, from Promethious to Marvel
  5. H2002 Ethics, Profession and Citizenship
  6. H2004 Citizenship: Political and Social Practice*
  7. IN3020 Strategic Planning*
  8. MB1001 Global Health Leadership
  9. P1006 Global Citizenship: Diversity and Tolerance*
  10. TI2013 E-commerce and Technology

Application deadline: August 25, 2020

  1. ENGG 1150 Information Technology Revolution: Past, Present and Future*
  2. SOSC 1980 Psychology and Everyday Life*
  3. SUST 1000 Introduction to Sustainability*

Application deadline: September 7, 2020

  1. BI 150 The Ocean Planet*
  2. GLBL Gender and International Development*
  3. PHYS 152 Physics of Sound and Music*
  4. PPPM 280 Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector*
  5. SOC 301 American Society*
  6. SOC 312 Statistical Analysis in Sociology*

Application deadline: August 23, 2020 (Faculty of Economics and Business courses) / August 28, 2020 (Other courses)

  1. AS4501 Astroinformatics*
  2. D129C0714 European Union Law & Latinamerican Integration
  3. POST3509-1 Theoretical Biology and Autopoietic Systems
  4. History of Art: Chilean Heritage*
  5. Intercultural Business Challenges in Latin America*
  6. International Business*
  7. Introduction to Latin American Politics*
  8. Latin America in World Affairs*
  9. Managing Multinational Corporations in Latin America*
  10. Strategic Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions*

Application deadline: August 20, 2020 (for courses starting in August) / October 7, 2020 (for courses starting in October)

  1. ART1101E Drawing 1*
  2. ART1901E Watercolor Workshop 1*
  3. ECL3094E Carnivore Ecology and Conservation*
  4. INA4082E Renewable energy
  5. INA5003E Climate Change and Society* (Aug 31 – Oct 25)
  6. INA5003E Climate Change and Society* (Oct 26 – Dec 20)
  7. LNA2101 Basic Quichua 1
  8. LNA2102 Basic Quichua 2
  9. PRC200E Service Learning

*Credit transfer provisionally approved by the relevant academic Departments. Final approval is subject to the relevant Department, Faculty and the CUHK Registry upon successful completion according to the course outline.

Co-curricular Programmes

The VSE presents opportunities for students to join co-curricular programmes offered by APRU member universities. With a network of 55 leading universities around the world you can connect with peers across the globe through cultural immersion, global leadership, career planning and social programmes that take place throughout the term.

Check out the available VSE Co-curricular Programmes now!

Application for Academic Courses

CUHK undergraduate students can apply to VSE courses through the VSE Central Office.

To enroll, CUHK students should:

  1. Complete and submit the VSE online application (application for CUHK students in Fall2020 closed due to overwhelming response).
  2. Download the VSE Endorsement Form, complete the required sections, and send the partially completed VSE Endorsement Form, CUHK transcript and VSE application confirmation email to Alex Chau at the Office of Academic Links for forwarding to the VSE Central Office.
  3. The VSE Central Office and the course offering university will notify you once you are admitted to the VSE academic course. After you have received the admission letter/email from the course offering university, complete the additional endorsement procedures at CUHK only if the course you are taking is credit bearing.
    1. Download and complete the required sections on the CUHK Endorsement Form.
    2. Email the partially completed CUHK Endorsement Form and the admission letter/email from the course offering university to Alex Chau for processing.
    3. You will be notified once your Form has been endorsed by your major department and submitted to the RES.

Points to note for CUHK students applying to the VSE:

  1. How many VSE academic courses can I take? You may enroll in one academic course at the VSE Program commencing in August/September 2020. If you wish to enroll in more than one course, you should seek approval from the VSE Central Office.
  2. Are VSE academic course credits counted towards my CUHK course load in Term 1 of 2020-21?
    Yes for credit bearing courses. No for non-credit bearing courses. Approvals from your major department and the Registration and Examination Section are required for taking more than 18 credit units, including VSE academic course credits, in a term.
  3. Do I need to make an application to transfer my VSE course credits to CUHK?
    Yes. If you wish to transfer the credits earned from the VSE academic course, you should make an application to the RES for course and unit exemption after you have received the transcript from the course offering university. Transferability of VSE academic course credits is subject to the approval of CUHK Faculties and Departments.


Have a question about the APRU VSE Program? Contact the VSE Central Office.

For enquiries about course related procedures and regulations at CUHK, please contact Alex Chau at the Office of Academic Links.