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APRU Virtual Student Exchange Program

(Semester from January to August 2021)

Are you looking for international exchange opportunities but are unable to join because of current health and safety concerns, restrictions on international travel, budget constraints, or other commitments?

The Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) Virtual Student Exchange (VSE) is an innovative breakthrough in global education. Utilizing online platforms and advanced technologies, the Program provides an opportunity for you to participate in an exchange without the need to travel.

Take Academic Courses

Academic courses, many bearing credits, in a range of disciplines are available for undergraduate CUHK students under the APRU VSE. You can take one course from the catalogue of courses available. Enrich your knowledge and earn credits from the course offering universities. Apply for course and unit exemption at CUHK after successful completion (subject to final approval from the respective CUHK department).

Courses available to CUHK students are listed below. Check for full course details at the VSE official website. A * marked after the course title denotes that credits earned from that course is provisionally approved by the relevant academic Departments at CUHK for credit transfer. Final approval is subject to the relevant Department, Faculty and the CUHK Registry upon successful completion according to the course outline. CLICK HERE for detailed information on credit transferability of each course.

Please note each VSE course offering university has a different starting date for its academic term, and specific application deadlines for each group of universities. Please refer to the VSE official website for details.

Application deadline: December 3, 2020

BI 130 Introduction to Ecology *
EC 202 Introduction to Economic Analysis: Macroeconomic *
SOC 346 Work & Occupations
SOC 410 Sociology of Corruption

Application deadline: December 21, 2020

0201125 Management Under Different Culture *
0295106 Wellness And Life Extension
2200154 Basic Thai For Foreigners *
2296352 21St Century Buddhists *
2305151 Organic Gardening *
2314255 Elementary Food Technology
2800219 Cross-Cultural Communications *

9050470 Financial Accounting
70000030 New Media Reading and Application *
70000080 New Vision for Chinese Youth *
Global Human Resource Management

AB9101 Business Valuation: From Theory to Practice
BU8601 Fundamentals of Management *
CS2807 Fifty Discoveries, Fifty Inventions
DD9010 Maritime Silk Roads, Heritage and Media *
GC0001 Sustainability: Seeing Through The Haze *
HC8010 Animals in Chinese Culture *

ART1101E Drawing 1
ART1401E Botanical Illustration
ART1901E Watercolor Workshop 1
CCO3303E Environmental Humanities
ECL3109E Tropical Ecology
ECLXXXX Healthy Oceans
LIT2707E The Short Story *
LIT3607E The Films of Alfred Hitchcock *
RCL2001E Conflict & its Resolution
SOC3080E Oral History in the Amazon

BABS1111 Big Fat Myths *
ECON1101 Microeconomics 1 *
ECON1202 Quantitative Analysis for Business and Economics *
ECON1203 Business and Economic Statistics *
FINS1612 Capital Markets and Institutions
PHYS1160 Introduction to Astronomy

IEE1154 Korean Popular Culture and Korean Wave *
IEE2090 Understanding Global Impact of COVID-19 *
IEE3300 Contemporary Korean Cinema and Society *
IEE3592 Intensive Korean Economy *

Application deadline: January 11, 2021

CL025 Two Thousand Years of Sino-foreign Cultural Exchanges
CL-036 Elementary Chinese 1 *
EV352 Ecological Engineering
MA418 Lie Groups and Lie Algebras *
MT207 Fundamentals of Materials Science
PE002C06 简化太极拳 (Simplified Taijiquan)

EM3004 Leadership for Entrepreneurial Development *
H1011 Introduction to Mexican Culture *
H1018 Ética, persona y sociedad (Ethics, Self and Society)
HI1007 Spanish as a Foreign Language I A (Basic Spanish 1) *
IN2025 Project Management and Evaluation
IN3020 Planeación estratégica (Strategic Planning)
IN3043 Quality Management Strategies
MT1003 Marketing and Creativity
NI3035 Intercultural Communications and Negotiations
TI2013 E-Commerce and Technology

BIEN 1010 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
CIVL 1170 Big history, Sustainability and Climate Change
ENTR 1001 Entrepreneurship 1001: Building Your Own Future
HUMA 3201 Animation: A Global Perspective to the world
ISDN 1100 Experiencing Design
ISOM 1380 Technology and Innovation: Social Business Perspectives
OCES 1030 Environmental Science

CBCA-1137 Videojuegos como producto cultural
CBCO-1224 Música de las Costas Colombianas
CIDE-4181 Seminario de género e interdisciplinaridad
ECON-3772 Economía para un Planeta Justo
EPID-4000 Comunicación del Conocimiento Epidemiológico
EPID-4001 Técnicas y Análisis de Datos
EPID-4002 Epidemiología y Demografía

ASTR6013PA Particle Cosmology (Live) *
ASTR6013PB Particle Cosmology (Zhihuishu online) *
CHEM6400P Safety in the Chemical Lab (icourse online) *

DATA1001 Foundations of Data Science
GOVT1621 Introduction to International Relations
IBUS1102 Cross-Cultural Management
INDG1001 Introduction to Indigenous Cultures *
MKTG1001 Marketing Principles *

Application deadline: January 20, 2021

385250803-1 Latin American Politics and World Affairs *
APELAN05 The Chilean Political Crisis: Tools for Political Analysis *
AU050018-1 Interventions in Public Space
CMG471-370 History of Art Chilean Heritage *
D129C0714 European Union Law & Latinamerican Integration *
EL7031 Robotics, Sensing & Autonomous Systems
NEG310/01 International Business *
NEG317/01 Intercultural Business Challenges in Latin America *
NEG436/01 Managing Multinational Corporations in Latin America *
Law, State & Society in Latin American History *

Application deadline: February 8, 2021

BUSS154 Business Statistics
BUSS205 Marketing Management
BUSS454 Product and Brand Management
DISS337 NGO and Global Governance
HOKA003 Korean History
JMCO257 Mass Media and Popular Culture in Korea
KORE003 Topics in Korean Linguistics
PSYC221 Sensation & Perception

331220 Intelligence and Learning
3B1232 Special Lecture: Design Studies – Creative Minds, Methods and Processes
3B1309 Effectively Communicating Your Science & Research
Z26027 Special Topic in Human Sciences III (Negotiation Workshop)
Z26060 Comparative Education

Application deadline: February 8, 2021

Cultural Presuppositions in Japanese Communication
Deep Culture Difference: Understanding Japan Through Cross-Cultural Comparison
Japanese Linguistics in Sociocultural Context
Otaku Culture in Japan and its Transnational Relations

Course information coming soon

Course information coming soon

Course information coming soon

20120741 Applied Operations Management
20125050 Leadership Development
20192870 Consumer Neuroscience
25121530 Reviewing Classic Original Films
25190220 Journalistic Interview in English
72120210 Pathophysiology

Co-curricular Programmes

The VSE presents opportunities for students to join co-curricular programmes offered by APRU member universities. With a network of 55 leading universities around the world you can connect with peers across the globe through cultural immersion, global leadership, career planning and social programmes that take place throughout the term.

Check out the available VSE Co-curricular Programmes now!

Application for Academic Courses

CUHK undergraduate students can apply to VSE courses through the VSE Central Office.

To enroll, CUHK students should:

  1. Complete and submit the VSE online application.
  2. Forward the VSE application confirmation email to Alex Chau at the Office of Academic Links for endorsement. Your application will not be processed by the VSE Central Office if it is not endorsed by OAL.
  3. The VSE Central Office and the course offering university will notify you once you are admitted to the VSE academic course. After you have received the admission letter/email from the course offering university, complete the additional endorsement procedures at CUHK only if the course you are taking is credit bearing.
    1. Download and complete the required sections on the CUHK Endorsement Form.
    2. Email the partially completed CUHK Endorsement Form and the admission letter/email from the course offering university to Alex Chau for processing.
    3. You will be notified once your Form has been endorsed by your major department and submitted to the RES.

Points to note for CUHK students applying to the VSE:

  1. How many VSE academic courses can I take? You may enroll in one academic course at the VSE Program. If you wish to enroll in more than one course, you should seek approval from the VSE Central Office.
  2. Are VSE academic course credits counted towards my CUHK course load in Term 2 of 2020-21?
    Yes for credit bearing courses. No for non-credit bearing courses. Approvals from your major department and the Registration and Examination Section are required for taking more than 18 credit units, including VSE academic course credits, in a term.
  3. Do I need to make an application to transfer my VSE course credits to CUHK?
    Yes. If you wish to transfer the credits earned from the VSE academic course, you should make an application to the RES for course and unit exemption after you have received the transcript from the course offering university. Transferability of VSE academic course credits is subject to the approval of CUHK Faculties and Departments.


Have a question about the APRU VSE Program? Contact the VSE Central Office.

For enquiries about course related procedures and regulations at CUHK, please contact Alex Chau at the Office of Academic Links.