Term Time Exchange


Follow these steps to apply for the university-wide, Bachelor of Business Administration, Economics, Engineering or Science Undergraduate Student Exchange Programmes through OAL in the first placement round:

For more details on each step of the application process, please refer to the Application and Policy Manual for the first placement round. To apply for exchange programmes offered through Colleges, Faculties and Departments, please consult them directly.

Important Dates (Revised)

Here are important dates you should keep in mind during the application process. They are for the regular term-time 2020-21 and summer 2020 only:

Application and Selection Schedule for the First Placement Round

Year Date Time Deadline/Activity
2019 Oct 3 (Thu) 15:00 Online application opens in CUSIS
Oct 28 (Mon) Deadline for referees to submit online recommendation form
(For students who request for interview exemption only)
Oct 29 (Tue) 12:00 noon Online application closes in CUSIS
Nov 7 (Thu) 15:00 Shortlist available in CUSIS
Nov 29 (Fri) 17:00 Interview registration form posted on CUSIS
(Shortlisted applicants who are invited to attend an interview should select an interview session online)
  Dec 3 (Tue) 08:00 Deadline for interview registration in CUSIS
  Dec 5 (Thu) 17:00 Interview schedule posted on OAL website
 2019/2020 Dec 9 (Mon) – Jan 13 (Mon) 09:00-18:00 Interview
  Jan 14 (Tue) 15:00 Online application opens for update in CUSIS
  Jan 23 (Thu) 17:00 Composite scores posted on CUSIS
  Jan 30 (Thu) 08:00 Deadline for finalizing choice of programmes and uploading IELTS/TOEFL report to online application form in CUSIS
  Feb 7 (Fri) 15:00 Placement results posted on CUSIS
  Feb 10 (Mon) 15:00 Briefing session for UCEAP exchange students (For 1st term and Year programmes only)
  Feb 10 (Mon) 17:00 Deadline for accepting exchange offer in CUSIS
  Feb 11 (Tue) 17:00 Deadline for submitting offer acceptance documents


Second placement round

No new applications will be accepted. The second placement round is only for applicants of the first placement round who:

  1. were shortlisted in November 2019; and
  2. have indicated to OAL that they wish to join the 2nd placement round, including those who have received an offer from the 1st placement round. Yet all applicants who join the 2nd placement round must meet the following requirements by the commencement of the 2nd placement round:
    1. have a cumulative GPA of 2.70 or above; and
    2. their cumulative exchange period within their nominative study period at CUHK does not exceed one academic year, i.e. two regular terms of exchange offered by any CUHK units plus one summer exchange offered by OAL (excluding summer programmes offered by other departments/units.)

Students who give up the offer from OAL in the first placement round are not eligible to join the second placement round unless they can provide documentary evidence for the reason of accepting the offer from their Colleges before the commencement of the OAL second placement round.

Year Date Time Deadline/Activity
2020 Feb 24 (Mon) 15:00 Eligible students to receive email invitation for joining 2nd placement round from OAL
  Feb 26 (Wed) 08:00 Deadline for joining 2nd placement round
Feb 28 (Fri) 15:00 Online application form opens for update in CUSIS
Mar 3 (Tue) 15:00 Announcement of composite score (posted on CUSIS), individual appointment schedule and ranking (posted on OAL website)

(Refer to Announcements for Applicants to check your individual appointment date and time assigned by OAL.)

Mar 8 (Sun) –

Mar 10 (Tue)


(on a specific date and time)

Individual appointments assigned by OAL for allocation of exchange placement in person at OAL

(Venue: Multiple-purpose Room, 1/F., Yasumoto International Academic Park)

Mar 12 (Thu) 12:00 noon Deadline for submitting offer acceptance documents

Through the OAL selection exercise, a student can receive a maximum of one offer for the summer and one offer for the regular term(s) (i.e. first and/or second terms). However, students can only receive a maximum of one offer in each placement round.

The latest information will be available on the OAL website from early October 2019.